Michael Santoro is frequently quoted in top-tier media on China, Business Ethics, Pharma, Human Rights, and more.


Selected Media Appearances in 2013

Extended You Tube Video Interview about Wall Street Values–July 2013

“Moral Moral Hazard”: Huffington Post Op-Ed About Financial Crisis–July 2013

Quoted in USA Today article about Dodd-Frank Act and Wall Street Reform–June 4, 201

Quoted in LA Times Story About Bloomberg Privacy Breach–May 2013


Selected Earlier Media Appearances

Quoted in Newark Star-Ledger Obituary for Retired Johnson & Johnson CEO James Burke–October 2012

USA Today: Merger of U.S., Chinese firms is cautionary tale – December 2011

Knowledge @ Wharton Profits and Social Responsibility: Chastened Drug Makers Step Up Efforts to Bring Affordable Medicines to Poor Countries – February 2011

PBS: A Poignant and Entertaining Way for Westerners to Learn About the “Real” China – featuring Michael A. Santoro’s picks – September 2011

Rutgers Faculty Insight: Why is China’s Money Dirty? – March 2011

Rutgers Business School Professor and PhD student receive ‘Best Paper in Ethics Award’ – August 2010

New York Times: Does Merck Agreement Pave a Road Toward Change? – April 2010

Huffington Post: If Google Leaves China, Will Microsoft Become Beijing’s Favorite Capitalist Tool? – March 2010

New York Times: Health Concerns over Popular Contraceptives – September 2009

New York Times: Meddling or Good Business?– June 2009

Huffington Post Blog: “Bush/Obama China Policy: Friends Without Benefits” – June 2009

CNN: China’s Future Role – February 2009

Huffington Post Blog: “Hillary in China”– February 2009

New York Times: Trial Puts Spotlight on Merck – May 2009